Monday, October 05, 2015

iPad Air Smoother and Faster with iOS 9.0.2

Update today to iOS 9.0.2 on the iPad Air went smoothly.

Good experience so far. Apps such as Flipboard load faster. Overall much smoother, no jerkiness.

Worthwhile upgrade.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Apolinario Mabini's Own Words on the Assassination of Bonifacio and Antonio Luna

"When it is considered that Mr Aguinaldo was primarily answerable for insubordination against the head of the Katipunan of which he was a member... the motive for the assassination cannot be ascribed except to feelings and judgments which deeply dishonour the former; in any case, such a crime was the first victory of personal ambition over true patriotism...

The death of Andres Bonifacio had plainly shown in Mr Aguinaldo a boundless appetite for power, and Luna’s personal enemies exploited this weakness of Aguinaldo with skillful intrigues in order to encompass Luna’s ruin...
 photo 013a3679-a4fc-48db-bcbf-c482c568b028_zpsxxgzyllm.jpg

With Luna.. fell the Revolution, and, the ignominy of that fall bearing wholly on Aguinaldo, brought about in turn his own moral death, a thousand times more bitter than physical death."

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Breakfast With My Daughter

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Let's grab some breakfast from Dean and Deluca
A hearty choco sig
You be the newborn I'll be your new dad
Way back in '91
Your sweet smile, look at you -- my grown-up girl...
Come to your old dad tell me -- who do you love

Who makes the traffic interesting
Rescues a dreary Sunday
Who makes me feel like a hero again
Honey it's you -- my grown up little girl

(adapted from lyrics of Steely Dan's "Janie Runaway")

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Upload Photos to Blogger Using Windows 10

A quick google will show it's a common issue.

I upgraded my desktop to Windows 10. Works great! Except for uploading photos to your blog on Blogger (like this one).

When you click on the "insert image" icon, a window pops up that makes you choose whether you'd like to upload from your computer or from a URL link. Unfortunately, this window just freezes whatever you do. You will have to close the Blogger tab.  I use Windows Edge but I read this is the same issue regardless of browser.

I found a way to do it, not elegant, but it works. Here are the steps:

1. Upload your photo/s to a photo hosting site. I use Photobucket.
2. Start your post on Blogger. When you want to insert an image, DON"T CLICK ON THE ICON!
3. Instead, go to your photo hosting site (Photobucket) and copy the HTML link to your photo. It's the one that starts with the symbol "<" followed by "a href="
4. Paste the link into your post.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other photos you want to insert.
6. Publish
7. When you view your blog you will see the photos. If it's the perfect size, congratulations! You've done it!

If you need to resize the photos, edit your post and click on the photo to choose the desired size and position/justification. Update.

It's cumbersome but it works!

Beverley Place Golf Club, Mexico, Pampanga

This par 71 course is built along the Candaba swamp (a nature preserve) and water comes into play in almost all holes.

And bunkers too, with Boracay-like sand! It's like being in the beach!

The greens on the back nine are nice and fast (the original 9 holes), but the front nine greens are very slow.

It's a nice course nonetheless, with views of Mt Arayat. Wish there were more trees as it can get really hot.

 photo BevPlace 08.16.39_zpseluctvi1.jpg

White sand in the bunkers.

 photo BevPlace 09.32.40_zpsgahpktws.jpg

Water, water everywhere.

If you play it right, ie, "dartboard golf," you can manage this course. Scored 82.:)