Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Effect of Excise Tax on Car Prices in the Philippines in 2018

The bicameral committee of the Senate and Congress has finally approved a reconciled proposal for the excise tax beginning 2018.

For cars, the committee approved a four-tier scheme as follows
4%   - for cars costing up to PhP 600,000
10% - for cars over PhP 600k up to PhP 1 Million
20% - for cars over PhP 1 Million to PhP 4 Million
50% - for cars over PhP 4 Million

It's a simpler scheme than the current one with fixed and marginal taxes.

The more important question is : how will it impact car prices?

Below is a graphical summary, showing increases (or decreases) based on current retail prices (as of Dec 18, 2017).

If  you're in the market for a car in the PhP 2.5 Million to PhP 7.0 Million range, it might be worth waiting for January. Otherwise, there's a few more days in 2017 if you're eyeing a car outside this range.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Venice, Italy? Macau, Las Vegas?

It's in Taguig City, Philippines.
It's even called Venice Grand Canal Mall. 😀

The iOS 10.3 Made My iPad Air Run Faster

Noticeable difference on an iPad Air (1st version 2013).
Well worth the upgrade. And the upgrade went smoothly too.

I also discovered that the iPhone 5 won't upgrade to 10.3. Oh well...I think that would be asking too much. 😀

Friday, September 30, 2016

Turn This Off On Your Viber To Avoid Roaming Charges

When traveling and you want to avoid bill shock from roaming charges, you can use Viber for calls, especially when there's wifi (say, in a hotel).

Just don't forget to turn off "Viber-In Calls" on your settings. If you keep this on, your Viber calls could be diverted to regular roaming calls, with roaming charges.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tracking Force for the DV20xL

This cart sounded best at a tracking force of 2.1 grams. It's the final touch to the fine tuning of the system.

In audio nirvana right now.